Instamart Analytics

An introduction to Instamart: Instamart is a hyper-local delivery service offering instant delivery of just about anything from physical stores. Customers select the store category, add the desired items from the selected store and checkout. A delivery partner picks the items from the store and delivers them to the customer's doorstep.
Here's a simplified customer journey:

Instamart CX journey

A few problems where I helped the business make better decisions:

Cataloging Items

When items are cataloged at the partner store, they benefit from an image & a description, hence better customer trust as well as easier discovery by delivery partner at the store. These items need not be confirmed with the user before pickup. But not all items sold at a store are cataloged and customers have the freedom to request those items in a free text field. The delivery partner tries to find these items at the store premise and requests an item confirmation from the customer, increasing the number of interactions

add item        item confirmation

The promise of getting ANYTHING delivered incontrovertibly comes at the expense of reduced efficiency, increased touchpoints, worse unit economics and a riskier fulfillment guarantee.
To improve the ordering experience, we need to continually update our catalog to match customer's needs. I created a dashboard which highlights products that are frequently added as free text.


This helped the operations team prioritize addition of these items to the catalog, resulting in fewer customer interactions, better item fulfillment and faster deliveries (more #deliveries -> better unit economics)

Missing Items

The next step towards improving catalog was to understand unmet needs through Item Search. We needed to understand which items frequently returned no match in the catalog.

I built a dashboard to illustrate null search keywords and their distribution. I added another chart to map the item against the time of search. Ex. Birthday cake is only searched in the late evening or night slots. This helped the operations team prioritize items to add in the catalog, as well as mitigate ‘out of stock’ issues by sharing when to expect orders with the stores.


Instamart Performance

To measure business performance and health of Instamart, I created a one-stop dashboard which presented #orders, average order value, cancellation & underlying reasons, ratings, and all other metrics for the different store categories.


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